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January 2009


With carryover dollars, the former NAP project at UW-Madison will continue to maintain the Ag-related Assistive Technology database with over 950 products. If you have equipment you would like added to the database, please feel free to add directly or contact Mark Novak ( for assistance. Find the database at

SRAPs interested in continuing to conduct OT/PT training are welcome to use the AOTA Approved Provider status and the training materials and resources available on the former NAP Extranet site. Please contact Mary Beck at or 608-262-9336 for assistance in using this Approved Provider Status .

Submitted by: Mary Beck

AgrAbility of Wisconsin has established agricultural equipment exchange website with a "craigslist" format where sellers or donors and buyers can communicate directly with each other to exchange equipment. A survey was conducted of 178 farmers who received AgrAbility of Wisconsin worksite assessments and obtained assistive technology through the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. These 178 farmers obtained 1094 pieces of assistive technology. They indicated thirty-one pieces of assistive technology equipment were available to other farmers with disabilities as a donation or for purchase.

Any farmer can add to the exchange list. The exchange website can be searched by someone interested in obtaining a piece of this equipment. Current equipment available on the site are: automatic hitches, hand clutch, hydraulic controls, feed carts, Medi-Dart system, and in-barn bale wagon.

The website can be accessed at Just click on Ag Equipment Exchange. Please share this website with farmers who may wish to donate or sell used equipment to help a farmer with a disability or chronic health condition. Also please share with farmers who may wish to obtain some of this equipment.

Submitted by: Ron Schuler