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March 2009

Other News

Social Security Disability Insurance Recipients To Get Extra $250 By Summer

Social Security Disability Insurance recipients can look forward to receiving a one-time $250 bonus payment by early summer... More

Researchers use nanoparticles to deliver treatment for brain, spinal cord injuries

Purdue University researchers have developed a method of using nanoparticles to deliver treatments to injured brain and spinal cord cells... More

A smoother ride for wheelchair users with new ISO standard

Uneven terrains, door thresholds, kerbs, changes in pavement heights and driving surfaces can pose some serious challenges for wheelchair users... More

New journal takes fresh approach to visual impairment research, issues

The newly launched AER Journal: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness will serve professionals as a resource that can be used in a practical setting, with articles and other information about experiments, research, education, and technology... More

Distance Learning Webinars

The AgriSafe Network aims to provide appropriate and timely training opportunities for Network members and affiliates... More