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July 2009

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The Oklahoma Equipment Connection expands to include agriculture equipment

What’s new…

  1. Welcome the newest assistive technology category – Ag Equipment Exchange
  2. It’s just one effort to support Oklahoma farmers, ranchers, their families and ag operations connect with adapted farm equipment and assistive technology
  3. Anyone with an interest in agriculture should visit this listing to discover currently posted equipment or call and AgrAbility staff can assist you

Oklahoma AgrAbility Project - Oklahoma Equipment Connection
Ag Equipment Exchange or 888.885.5588

Speech to Speech relay service now offered from AT&T

Speech to Speech (STS) relay service in now available from AT&T. STS Relay enables people with speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls by using specially trained relay operators or Communcations Assistants that are trained to understand a variety of speech disorders and will revoice, or repeat, what is said by the person with the speech disability in a manner that is understandable and clear to the other party.

STS Relay can be used by people with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and Parkinson's disease. It can also be used by people who stutter, have had a laryngectomy, or use a voice augmentative device.

Customers can dial 800-229-5746 to reach an AT&T STS Assistant to assist with STS Relay service, or dial 711 to be connected to their state relay provider. This service is free and no special equipment is needed.

For more information call: 800-682-8706

Tongue Drive System Enables Quadriplegics To Operate Powered Wheelchair In Clinical Trial

An assistive technology that enables individuals to maneuver a powered wheelchair or control a mouse cursor using simple tongue movements can be operated by individuals with high-level spinal cord injuries, according to the results of a recently completed clinical trial. Read Story