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August 2009


Oklahoma AgrAbility recently completed a 6-week Arthritis Foundation Self-Help training. Participants learned how to become a better self-advocate in their management of arthritis as well as relaxation techniques and pain management. Sandra Stevenson with ABLE Tech and Elicia Pollard with the School of Physical Therapy, Langston University, served as co-trainers and implemented a true partnership for AgrAbility. Farm Service Agency (FSA) sponsored the cost of the training manual, allowing the class to be offered at no-cost to the participants.  Due to the high interest in the classes, a waiting list was created to for future participants to take the next class in the spring of 2010.

Events from June and July:

June 18 – July 23, Arthritis Foundation Self Help Class, Oklahoma State University Stillwater Campus Seretean Wellness Center

June 23, Payne County Progressive Safety Day, Stillwater

June 29, Department of Rehabilitation Services Staff Training, Tulsa

July 8 – 10, Annual meeting of the Oklahoma Association of Extension Agriculture Agents, Stillwater

July 13, Oklahoma Home and Community Education Conference, Oklahoma City Clarion Convention Center

July 28 – 29, 4-H Roundup, Oklahoma State University Stillwater Campus

Submitted by: Amanda Erichsen