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September 2009


Indiana AgrAbility/Breaking New Ground Outreach Program along with Purdue Agricultural Safety and Health provided three displays for visitors to the Indiana State Fair.  The display in the Indiana Young Farmer’s Grain safety display at Indiana State FairBuilding used a grain bin along with a video showing the dangers of grain entrapment.  The second display, staffed by FFA members, used a weight scale to demonstrate the forces pulling an individual into flowing grain and the required force to pull them out.  A third display in the Farm Bureau Building provided publications on BNG State FAir attendees using the grain bin tug of war exhibitand the services offered.  Also on display was information about Arthritis and Farming, the Youth Farm Safety Education and Certification Program, and information on emergency preparedness.   Breaking New Ground staff and consultants staffed the Farm Bureau display.

Submitted by Steve Swain