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October 2009


Colorado AgrAbility built a wheelchair-accessible hoop house and two covered, raised beds for a client.  OT Fieldwork Student Stephanie Carpenter coordinated the build based on her past experience, designs found online and the specific needs of the farmer.  Since the location and elevation of the farmer’s property make for a relatively short growing season,  These greenhouse-type structures were requested to help effectively extend the season, allowing more production and more potential income.

CAP designed an assistive device for a cattle rancher with dyslexia to help him with the task of writing checks independently.  His particular form of dyslexia makes spelling difficult, but he doesn’t “switch letters around” and can read numbers.  The device, called the “Check Speller,” consists of a checkbook-sized flipbook that allows the user to flip numbered panels to match the dollar amount displayed on the cash register, then transcribe the corresponding words—written below each number--to his check. A prototype is currently being tested by the rancher.

Submitted by: Vince Luke