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December 2009


AgrAbility of Utah is publishing a series of articles in the state’s Farm Bureau magazine. The first article, published in the statewide magazine in August, discussed the project’s assistive technology interventions for a Utah farmer with paraplegia. The second,published in the October edition of the Utah Farm Bureau Magazine, focused on AgrAbility of Utah’s support in assisting a young adult with disabilities in helping on the family farm through the installation of a buddy seat in the family’s tractor. This article was subsequently picked up by the American Farm Bureau Newspaper, a publication has a readership of about 50,000 people nationwide,  and published in the November 2, 2009 edition. (Read Article PDF) AgrAbility of Utah is delighted that the article was presented nationally, as it emphasizes the project’s ability to provide support to family members with disabilities, and it speaks to inclusion of all members of the family in farm work as a means for improving quality of life. The third in the series, coming in the December edition of the Utah Farm Bureau Magazine, will emphasize AgrAbility of Utah’s implementation of a supportive network of unfunded partners to address the increasing stress levels among Utah’s agriculturalists.

Submitted by: Jennifer Hobby