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February 2010

Other News

What is FARM-HAT?

The Farm/Agriculture/Rural Management – Hazard Analysis Tool (FARM-HAT) is a simple method of providing first-hand information about hazards; a process for evaluating hazards; and recommendations on correcting hazards.
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Minority Farmer Resource Guide Available

Resources and Services for Minority Farmers and Ranchers is a guide to programs, loans, grants and information to increase the stability of farms operated by minority farmers developed by the University of Missouri Extension.
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Marshfield Clinic hosts Agrisafe Agricultural Medicine Core Course

This AgriSafe Training course is the first in Wisconsin to offer a core curriculum in agricultural medicine, health, and safety. It is designed to train rural health care providers for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of agricultural occupational illnesses and injuries. The AgriSafe certification allows health professionals to join AgriSafe as a Provider
Member, receive the clinical resources, technical assistance, continuing education and use the trademarked name AgriSafe in promoting agricultural health services.
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