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October 2010


Three staff members represented CalAgrAbility at this year’s NTW, including one of the project’s outstanding Arthritis Foundation representatives. Esme Mandujano conducted a panel discussion with Sheila Simmons (Kansas), for which she has received several requests for her excellent presentation. CalAgrAbility also collaborated with the Farmer Veteran Coalition at the 2010 North Bay Stand Down on October 12, 13, 14, 2010. Veterans and agencies attended this at the Dixon Fair Grounds.

Staff conducted an in-service workshop for the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers and the California AT Network, who requested it after attending the Sept. 2 webinar on diversity. CalAgrAbility was also invited to the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Castle Family Health Centers Mixer to learn about new services offered to consumers in that region.

Attending the San Jose 18th Annual Adult Health Services Faire with the Arthritis Foundation yielded interested consumers from the East Bay region. A unique event held at Sacramento State University, Fiesta Educativa 2010, gave families the opportunity to learn about CalAgrAbility. Staff distributed the Arthritis Fotonovela, which was very well-received. The program also had the opportunity to be represented at the U C Davis Accessibility Technology and Resources Faire and the Southwest Disability Fair in New Mexico.

 Submitted by Martha Stiles