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June 2011


Working with "Hear, Here" (the local chapter of the Hearing Loss Association) has been a worthwhile educational experience. CalAgrAbility staff has attended two assistive technology device seminars in Yolo County sponsored by HLA. In addition, CalAgrAbility and HLA are collaborating on developing HLA materials in Spanish to disseminate throughout the state to farmers. The two groups are also working on developing a small, illustrated fold-out on occupational hearing loss on farms.

CalAgrAbility and partner Pacific Region Arthritis Foundation participated in seven health and resource farming events. The collaborators assisted over 300 families at the health and resource fairs held at the Greenery in Woodland, Madison Migrant Housing Center, Sacramento Annual Arthritis Walk, Dixon Migrant Housing Center, Fresno Annual Arthritis Fair Walk, and Campo del Sol Dixon Migrant Housing Center near Davis. Staff also conducted a "Rehabilitating Farmers" workshop sponsored by CA Employment Development Department at the Veterans Memorial Hall in San Benito County.

CalAgrAbility staff has been doing some strategic planning for numerous summer activities, including conducting "Taking the Reins: Managing Your Arthritis on the Farm and at Home." Staff is scheduling these educational events with the Pacific Region Arthritis Foundation staff, who have been coordinating their exercise classes with "Taking the Reins." Staff anticipates that over 50% of the workshops will be with Spanish-speaking farm families.

Submitted by Martha Stiles