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July 2011

Other News

Farmer Designs a Wheelchair Accessible Tractor

Doug Barker has designed and modified a tractor for his personal use. The first known tractor allowing the user to remain in a wheelchair, the design includes a wheelchair lift and adapted joysticks for easier operation. Barker aptly named it "Independence."
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Despite the Loss of a Leg, Army Ranger is Back in the Fight

USA Today published the encouraging story of Army Ranger Joseph Kapacziewski, who lost his leg to a grenade in Iraq. With a Purple Heart and a prosthetic, he has worked his way back to combat in Afghanistan, the only Army Ranger serving in direct combat operations with a prosthetic limb.
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Planning for Disaster-Related Risk and Functional Needs of People with Disabilities: Train-the-Trainer

This web based training is an online self study for disaster planning with risks and factors of people with disabilities. The course teaches skills to plan for the needs, instruct in all-hazards preparedness, and continue the education in the topic.
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Animal Welfare Approved offers Grants for Farmers to Make Welfare Improvements on Farm

Animal Welfare Approved is accepting applications now through September 30 for their 2011-2012 Good Husbandry Grants. The organization's certification and grants seek to deliver the greatest benefit to farm animals by encouraging improved husbandry practices.
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