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August 2011

West Virginia

In partnership with West Virginia AgrAbility, Green Thumbs staff has created a series of fact sheets on different accessible gardening techniques and related topics. The purpose behind this series is to increase awareness about all types of accessible gardening. Information includes what abilities each technique complements and how each technique is commonly designed and implemented.

Some accessible gardening topics covered are lasagna gardening, vertical gardening, hay bale gardening, and hydroponic gardening. The series also includes the broader subject of accessibility. One fact sheet explains what accessibility is and what it means for gardening. Other fact sheets branch into ergonomics and assistive technology. All of these topics are important to increasing everyone’s ability to enjoy and take part in gardening.

The whole series will be available on the Green Thumbs webpage, If you would like a hard copy, contact Mary Slabinski at 304-293-4692 x 1125.

Submitted by Mary Slabinski