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February 2012


CalAgrAbility started off the new year conducting Rehabilitating Farmers workshops for the California VR office in Elk Grove, California and the Yolo Master Gardeners, who also requested a workshop, Taking the Reins: Arthritis. In addition, CalAgrAbility has completed half of the new Get Moving portion of the arthritis prevention program, emphasizing exercise and movement. The program piloted the first of four English sessions with Biological and Agricultural Engineering and the Pacific Region Arthritis staff. The first two hour exercise session will be in Spanish in Sacramento, where staff are coordinating with the Diabetes Interest Group. CalAgrAbility's partner R.I.S.E. Collaborative is assisting in sponsoring an English-Spanish Get Moving workshop in Esparto, California. Staff also attended a health fair in Knights Landing, California in conjunction with the opening of a new rural clinic sponsored by the Yolo Family Resources Center and University Medical Center. The Pacific Region Arthritis Foundation Partner threw an appreciation dinner party for collaborators, and CalAgrAbility staff attended along with 20 other area agencies.

January was productive for CalAgrAbility as the program now has three CPR certified staffers. They also completed a two day public speaking course, which they found very valuable to improve many community workshops conducted throughout the year. Lastly, CalAgrAbility was asked to act as ASL video review examiners for bilingual health material for the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

Submitted by Martha Stiles