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February 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

The NAP is in the process of revising several Toolbox categories. For example:

Check out some of the new log cutting and brush clearing solutions added recently to The Toolbox online. Click on the solution name for details:

Timber Ax Brush Cutter/Shredder mounts on the arms of a skid steer, and cuts up and mulches unwanted brush, undergrowth, vines, and even downed trees up to 6" in diameter.

Limbhog Tree Trimming Attachment mounts directly to the front end loader of a tractor, skid steer, or backhoe and works off of the machine's auxiliary hydraulics. It is an 8' mast with receiver that holds a commercial grade chainsaw.

Hands Free Skid Steer Mounted Log Splitter mounts on most makes of skid steers and excavators and is operated by the machine's on board hydraulic controls. The splitter itself is basically a large, cone shaped, rotating screw, with a range of movements, that burrows into wood until the wood splits apart.

Chain Saw Caddie allows one to hold and maneuver almost any chain saw for ground level cutting of trees, clearing brush, cleaning fence lines, and thinning timber stands. The two wheeled device eliminates the need to bend, stoop, and carry or lift the saw.

Portable, Hand Held Wood Splitter operates like a mini-jackhammer to split logs of any length or diameter. Powered by either electricity or pneumatics, the hand held tool produces a vibrating motion to quickly and effortlessly split the log apart.

Twister Firewood Wrapper stretch wraps bundles of firewood in various sizes. It is portable, being mounted on a frame with 8" wheels, and height adjustable, minimizing operator bending.

Foot Operated Log Splitter produces 1 1/2 tons of pressure to split wood via a hydraulic cylinder, requiring the user to simply step on its height adjustable foot plate then apply his body weight to depress the lever.