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February 2012


The Dairy Producers First Aid & CPR class, organized by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets, was well attended. VCIL AgrAbility Specialist Janis Moore explained AgrAbility to participants and (also passed the class). (photo attached)

The Vermont Farm Show moved its 60th annual event from Barre to Essex Junction this year, and the new location was a huge success. The isles were wider and the parking, attendance, and booths were all greatly improved. Tom Younkman, Margaret Gilman, Gail Lapierre and George Cook were kept busy with education, outreach, referral, and networking for the full three days of the event.

Janis meets Dr. Grandin.The Grass Farmers Association conference was a huge success with 800 attendees, standing room only, coming to hear Dr. Temple Grandin speak on livestock handling and autism issues. AgrAbility specialist Janis Moore was chosen to transport Dr. Grandin to the Boston airport after her talks. In conversation during the four hour ride, Dr. Grandin spoke highly of the AgrAbility program, signed several books for Vermont AgrAbility, and made suggestions on how to enhance the working environment of a farm worker with autism. Janis presented Dr. Grandin with a Vermont pin to adorn her favorite vest and got her to the plane on time. (Janis' life will never be the same.)

The aftermath of Hurricane Irene continues to be a big discussion, and a big cost, in all parts of the state. Bridges are in the process of being demolished, repaired, or replaced on farmers properties. The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers has graciously taken on the repairs of some bridges on farms that allow the snowmobilers to use their properties during the winter months.

Submitted by Janis Moore