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March 2012


Annette Marin, who attended the NTW and is a Maine AgrAbility client, made the news for starting up her new restaurant called Gone Loco!

In January, Maine AgrAbility participated in the Maine Agricultural Trades Show. Staff met and talked with over 400 people at this three-day event. Also, 177 farmers filled out a Farmer Health and Safety survey, with some interesting results! A few of the highlights are listed below:

Have you ever considered stretching before or after work?
yes 67.8%
no 32.2%
Do you have a first aid kit on your farm, ready for use in an emergency?
yes 65.5%
no 34.5%
Have any farming accidents ever occurred on your farm for which the victim needed medical attention?
yes 37.1%
no 62.9%
Do you emphasize and teach farm safety to your farm family and employees?
yes 78.4%
no 21.6%
Do you think mental health is an issue in the farming community?
yes 76.2%
no 23.8%
Do you know a farmer who is depressed?
yes 35.7%
no 64.3% 1

Maine AgrAbility gave an AgrAbility 101 presentation to the Department of Veterans' Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation counselors. The meeting went very well; the participants were fully engaged and they asked a lot of great questions. Maine AgrAbility is planning on using the new connections as staff move forward in reaching and serving the veteran population here in Maine. So far, one veteran has already contacted the project.

Submitted by Tina Voigt