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March 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

Check out some of the new products added recently to the Toolbox online. Click on the solution name for details:

Gordon Wrench Water Shut-off Tools are small, hand-held tools that have two recessed oval slots (sockets), both of which fit exactly over the handle of a shut-off valve. They make shutting the valve easier, especially in tight places.

HeatTrak Snow-Melting Traction Mats prevent snow and ice accumulation on walks, ramps, and entrances. Plugging into an outlet, the non-slip rubber warm to melt ice or snow at two inches per hour.

Trekker Breeze Handheld Talking GPSs for the visually impaired verbally announce, by name, all landmarks on the installed map, buildings, streets, intersections, etc. as one walks or rides in a vehicle. As easy to use as a TV remote, they tell you where you are, where you are going, and what is around you.

Small-Scale Hydroponic Garden Systems can be accommodated in limited and unconventional growing areas, including apartment, patio, and even basement. The company sells the building plans and instructional DVDs to construct three different systems.

Mini Lift Tables for Smaller Livestock allow one to raise the animal to a comfortable working height. They are designed for use with pigs, sheep, goats, calves, miniature horses, smaller exotics, or even large dogs.

Select-Step Multi-Position Stepladders have legs that telescope from 5 feet up to 8 feet, allowing one to work safely on such uneven surfaces as a staircase or sloping ground.

Aurora Amputee Crutch Adapters enable single leg amputees to walk comfortably and to stand with both hands free to work. The user rests the amputated side in the saddle, eliminating stress/pressure on the residual leg while permitting one to turn, lean, and bend over in almost any direction with full control and stability.

ProChaps Chainsaw-Safety Chaps provide the extra leg protection that is so important when cutting wood or performing other tasks with power equipment. Made of 1,000 denier Cordura nylon over lightweight Prolar padding, this product will slow down or stop a running chainsaw on contact.

Swift-Hitch Wireless Camera Systems are portable, wireless, color backing-up systems. The wireless camera is mounted at the rear of tractor or truck above and pointing down on the hitch assembly, and with the handheld display unit, the operator sees the hitch while backing up for proper alignment.

VersaHaul Mobility Scooter Carriers are hitch-attached at the rear of the vehicle. They have a chair-accommodating tray with 4-inch side walls and numerous slots for tie-down hooks, and when not in use, the ramp folds into the tray, which, in turn, folds up against the back of the vehicle.