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April 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

Check out some of the new products added recently to the Toolbox online. Click on the solution name for details:

Fence Wire Tighteners are homemade "keys" consisting of three equal lengths of 1/2-inch threaded pipe screwed into a T pipe-joint to form two handles and a stem, which has a slot cut in the bottom.

Fire Fight Automatic-Release Fire Extinguishers can be mounted in an engine compartment or anywhere there's a fire potential. It uses heat-activated thermal links, which are set off at 165 or 286 degrees F, depending on the application.

Vacuum Powered Soil Samplers are vehicle mounted and hydraulically operated, allowing one to take more samples in less time, even from frozen ground.

Cattle Turret Gate Systems allow one to move cattle from holding pen to squeeze chute for sorting, loading, or treating without having to physically be in the handling area to close a gate behind cattle.

Portable Airhawk Seat Cushions evenly distribute body weight pressure to promote consistent blood flow below the waist to minimize pressure points, which are the main source of numbness, pain, soreness, and stiffness.

Sidekick Alerting Systems are electronic receivers that monitor such transmitter-equipped sound-producing devices as doorbells, telephones, smoke detectors, and fire alarms. It signals the user with a flashing light, a vibration, or an icon on its display.