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May 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

Check out some of the new products added recently to the Toolbox online. Click on the solution name for details:

U-Latch Universal Gate Latch, which accommodates various sizes and styles of link chain, lets one close and secure a tubular gate with one hand. The design allows for latching post gaps, tight fits, sagging gates, two gates together, and uneven ground conditions.

Comfort Chutes Hoof Trimming Station keep cattle comfortably secure in a natural, upright position and reduces the physical labor needed to trim feet. Cattle are channeled into the chute through the lead-in station. The chute platform raises and adjusts to the operator's height preference.

Spine-Saver Ergonomic Seat Cushions protect the spine by reportedly reducing shock and vibration up to 80%, helping to prevent and alleviate back pain and other symptoms associated with whole-body vibration while driving.

Posi-Lock Hydraulic Bench Vises allow the user to secure objects by simply stepping on a pedal, which is connected to a air-over hydraulic pump that provides up to 5 tons of clamping power. Opening up 8 inches, hydraulic pressure closes the jaws, while a spring-return opens them again.

Dig Rig Shovel Attachments are molded-plastic "foot plates" that fit over the top edge of the shovel blade. They provide significantly more leverage for digging than does the blade's narrow top ledge. This better distributes foot pressure and reduces foot, ankle, leg, and back stress.