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June 2012


Vermont AgrAbility staff had an inspirational time meeting veterans, veteran service providers, Farmer Veteran Coalition, AgrAbility, and AgrAbility partners in developing planning goals for providing greater services to local area veterans and their families at the Creating Opportunities for Veterans & Other Agricultural Workers with Disabilities May 15-17 in Rochester, New York. Thanks to Goodwill and AgrAbility for providing much needed information and contacts.

The summer farmers markets have opened around the state and a new localvore index ranked Vermont as the top state in its commitment to raising and eating locally grown food based on the number of farmers markets and community supported agriculture farms (CSAs). Vermont has 99 farmers markets and 164 CSAs, with a population of fewer than 622,000 people. Vermont Farmers are working hard to fill the consumers' need for healthy, nourishing food.

Vermont AgrAbility staff members look forward to meeting everyone at the ISASH conference June 24-28, 2012 in Burlington, Vermont. Bring your cameras, your sunscreen, raffle items, and your happy faces. Staff members especially look forward to having dinner with Dr. Bill Field on Monday night.

Submitted by Janis Moore