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July 2012

Other News

Website Keeps Farmers And Ranchers Apprised Of Safety, Health Concerns

"Farmers and ranchers have an online resource for safety and health-related information. The site,, is through eXtension, a national consortium of 74 land-grant universities that provides online access to research-based information and education." Read story

Website Gives Disabled Needed Info

"More than 100 people [are] featured in on-camera interviews for, a multimedia-rich website launched in 2011 by nine-time Emmy Award-winning Chicago broadcast producer Thea Flaum. 'We're like a virtual support group for people who have had spinal cord injuries,' Flaum said. 'The idea is that a viewer can come to our site and find a real person who can provide answers to very specific questions about spinal cord injuries.'" Read story

Paralyzed Woman Finishes London Marathon

After five years spent in a wheelchair, unable to feel her legs, Claire Lomas finished the London Marathon in sixteen days. A $75,000 bionic suit allows her to walk and she completed the race a half mile at a time, walking the finish line with her husband and one year old daughter. Read story

"Push Girls," a New Show on the Sundance Channel

"Push Girls" is a new reality show on the Sundance Channel featuring five women in wheelchairs. The show follows the friends as they go about their days, not avoiding their disabilities but showing how their lives are not defined by their disabilities. Sundance Channel, The Atlantic, NPR

Walmart Pilots ScripTalk Talking Prescription Program through Walmart Mail Order and in Three Select Stores

"Walmart announced today that it is piloting a test program with En-Vision America to offer ScripTalk, a talking prescription system that provides those who cannot read standard print a safe and easy way to access the information on their prescriptions." Read story

DOL App Contest to Improve Employment for People with Disabilities

"The Department of Labor (DOL) is sponsoring an app contest, with $10,000 in cash prizes, to help build innovative tools to improve employment opportunities and outcomes for people with disabilities." Read story

Product Design Class Innovates Sports Gear for Disabled Athletes

"Product design students at the University of Oregon were given, thanks in part to the school’s close relationship with Nike, Inc, the opportunity to work with nationally renowned adaptive sports athletes to innovate new products that met specific physical needs in a class called 'Adaptive Products: Enabling Athletes with Disabilities.'" Read story