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July 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

Check out some of the new entries added recently to the Toolbox online.

Brunson, SC farmer Joe Platts utilizes his Homemade Versatile Three-Point Hitch to move all his trailing equipment with his tractor; he made a frame and affixed three different hitches.

The Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel utilizes leverage rather than strength to scoop, lift, then throw the snow. It can significantly lessen the physical strain of snow shoveling, thus the risks of back and heart injury.

The HitchMate Truck Step allows easy access into the bed of a pickup, whether the tailgate is up or down, and allows for loading/unloading things atop an SUV. When not in use, the device can be removed or flipped up and locked for storage.

The steps to his tractor cab being too far apart, Columbus, NE, farmer Melvin Mohrman modified a set of three 14-inches-apart steps from an old combine by simply adding steps halfway between them. He then mounted the 7-inch Homemade Added Tractor Steps set over the existing tractor steps.

The Hydra-Feeder Hydraulic Cattle Feeder is a truck-bed-mounted feeding device for dispensing cake or grain supplements into a bunk, onto an apron, or out on the range.

Perfect for arm amputees and persons with hand/arm use limitations, the Fishing Rod Bandit is a 45-degree swiveling rod-holding device that allows one not only to cast and reel, but also attach a lure, a hook, and/or bait with just one hand.