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August 2012


CO AgrAbility staff members have participated in many educational advertising tactics this month to prepare for county fairs that began the first week of August. CAP has close ties with many health care professionals around the state to inform them about AgrAbility services that could potentially help their patients. CO AgrAbility also educates the professionals about the tasks that production agriculturalists tackle every day. This allows CAP and health care professionals to work hand- in- hand when helping a farmer or rancher return to their work safely and productively. One outreach effort this month was presenting to a professional health care clinic of physical therapists. This trip was extremely beneficial because most of the therapists did not have an agricultural background to know what difficulties a farmer may come across in their road to recovery.

Radio broadcasting of CAP has exceeded expectations. CO AgrAbility intern, Katheryn Ernst, has had two radio interviews that have reached many farmers and ranchers across the state. The first interview was broadcasted by 19 different radio stations across the state. The interview would loop periodically on each station. CO AgrAbility has received five referrals in two days from people hearing about the services on the radio, in brochures at county fairs, and via a DVR counselor who attended the professionals' workshop last month! Find the interview here.

Submitted by Katheryn Ernst