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August 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

Check out some of the new entries added recently to the Toolbox online. It's a hot one this year; stay cool out there.

Pennsylvania farmer Dennis Nebgen's skid steer loader-mounted vertical Big Round Bale Spinner is designed for the smaller operator who wants to peel off part of a big round bale and lave the rest until needed. The operator tips the spinner down to spear the bale then tilts the frame back down so the bale points up.

With two people and a 40-horsepower tractor, the Pixall BH100 Bean Harvester can harvest dozens of cases of green beans per hour. The machine cuts off the plants at ground-level and draws them up into a picking reel where the beans are "combed" from the plants.

The tractor-drawn, one-row CP100 Pixall Corn Harvester gently harvests sweet corn at a rate up to 600 dozen ears per hour. The machine grips the stalks at the top by rubber belts, severs them near the ground, and draws them into the picking head where the ears are pulled off by two hydraulic-driven rollers, then dropped onto a soft-rubber conveyor for side or rear deposit into a harvest wagon.

Designed especially for limited acreages of high-value crops, including organic produce, the three-point-hitch, tractor-drawn Eco Weeder In-Row Cultivator features PTO-driven "weeder wheels" with rubber-mounted steel tines that uproot weeds between and around the plants.

The Gorgonz Temperature-Regulating Work Hat keeps one's head cool when weather is hot and warm when the weather is cold. In hot weather, run cold water over the hat and allow it to soak through. As the water evaporates, it produces a cooling effect.

Pulled behind the small baler, the hydraulically operated Bale Band-It Bale Bundler receives each bale as it exits the baler and directs it into the unit's central chamber. When enough bales are accumulated, they are steel-banded together into a bundle.

The Big Round Bale Flipper lifts bales from the ground and loads them onto a cradle trailer that's pulled by a gooseneck-hitch-equipped pick-up truck. Attaching to the side of the trailer, the implement deposits a bale into each cradle.