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September 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

The SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool is a hand-held, lightweight yet rigid, hand-held power tool that, with the change of accessories, allows one to cut, sand, polish, scrape, shape, and remove grout.

The heavy-duty, two-wheeled PowerBench Portable Work Bench consists of a center work surface with wings on either side supported by adjustable, folding legs and will support power tools.

MagicWheels Geared Wheelchair Wheels are manual wheelchair wheels with a geared hub that reportedly provides a 2:1 mechanical advantage and an automatic hill-holder. Similar to bicycle technology, the 2:1 gear requires significantly less arm strength to ascend inclines, negotiate uneven terrain, control descent, and bring to a stop.

Easy to install on most battery-operated DC-voltage grease guns, the One-Hand Grease Gun Applicator consists of a speed-adjust holster and belt; five-foot-long, 10,000 psi hose; thumb-activated micro switch at the grease coupler; and hose adapters for various grease gun brands.

The one-lever HydraSnap Hydraulic Hose Coupling System allows the operator to connect and disconnect multiple hydraulic hoses in a single step. Releasing the hoses involves merely rotating the lever 90 degrees.

The MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband keeps items such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts, drill bits, wrenches, and other small tools close at hand and easily accessible, virtually eliminating the problem of losing them.

Once positioned at either end of the log to be cut, the Wallenstein One-Person Wood Processor's hydraulic winch cable pulls the log up into the cutting station, which is raised to the most comfortable position for chainsaw cutting. The split pieces move to a chute while the next portion of log is pulled up into cutting position.