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December 2012


"Martha's Blueberries" has a new tool to make life easier for Mr. Armando Longoria, who cares for 120 blueberry bushes and several fruit trees. The tool is an EZ-Go Golf Cart that helps Mr. Longoria with mobility around the 60 acre farm in Somerville, Tennessee. Mr. Longoria, an honorably discharged Vietnam era veteran, became disabled after a fall in 2004. Due to his degenerative disc disease, he is limited in his mobility around the blueberry farm. The golf cart will enable him to travel around the farm and will help him next spring tending to the blueberries.

Mr. Longoria learned of the AgrAbility program after a recent story on 7 Eyewitness News out of Jackson. He contacted AgrAbility and after consulting with Joetta White, UT AgrAbility specialist, on his mobility needs and Jeff Via, Fayette County UT Extension director, on practices for maintaining the blueberries, fruit trees, and possible hay ground, it was decided a golf cart would benefit him along with the UT recommendations for his farm.

"I am very thankful for the help I've received from the good people of UT Extension and AgrAbility program. This golf cart will help me so much that it will actually add years to my life and give me comfort as I perform tasks taking care of the blueberries and several other fruit trees that are on the farm," commented Mr. Longoria.

Submitted by Joetta White