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December 2012

Toolbox Spotlight

The Safety Step Coating Kit, which includes a pint of safety-step base plus a bag of safety grit, allows one to apply a good traction area on any surface where anyone walks or climbs: e.g., tractor/combine steps, truck/trailer beds, ramps.

HeatTrak Snow-Melting Traction Mats prevent snow and ice accumulation on walks, ramps, and entrances. Available as walkway, door, and stair-tread mats, HeatTraks plug into any 120- or 240-volt outlet to melt snow at a rate of 2 inches per hour.

NEOS STABILicers Overshoes provide safe traction and protection from cold and wet conditions. The product features waterproof nylon uppers and linings to keep shoes and feet dry; high-traction rubber outsoles to steady one's steps in snow, ice, or mud; and replaceable cleats on the bottom of the outsoles to maintain traction on wet or icy ground. Also see STABILicers Strap-on Traction Footwear.

The Foxtail Ergonomic Faucet Adapter reduces the amount of hand strength (and physical pain) needed to open and close a faucet valve. The Foxtail Adapter can be used with main-water, emergency, and hot-water shut-off valves as wells as on outdoor faucets.

The Sure-Grip UTV Hand Control consists of a handle attached to the steering wheel, with shafts running to the vehicle's accelerator and brake, which allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel for maximum safety and control.

With the EZ Stretcher Fence Wire Tool, unrolling, stretching, and completing the installation of string, fabric, or chain-link fencing can be accomplished by one person. It mounts to a skid loader's or tractor's front detachable loader attachment plate or to a tractor's rear three-point hitch.