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January 2013

Toolbox Spotlight

Equipment Safety, Body Temperature Management, Skid-Steer Loaders are new categories in the Toolbox.

This remote-controlled Homemade Electric Gate Opener allows Jerome Breuer, of Slinger, WT, to access the cattle holding area from the seat of his tractor or skid loader. With a standard garage door opener inside his barn, Breuer extended the opener's 'reach' (through a series of cables and pulleys) to the gate outside, which is attached to a utility pole with a single bolt.

By merely leaning or shifting their weight, the LeanLever Leverage Tool allows users to lift and move heavy loads or cumbersome objects. Utilizing legs and hips rather than arm strength, the device applies simple mechanical principles that double lifting power while reducing back stress and fatigue.

Engineered to fit almost any farm/gate (generally pipe-rail), the user-installed Bump N' Drive Gate Opener works by mechanical and gravitational means (no electricity needed). Operation merely involves the vehicle pushing against the PVC-sleeved bump arm on the gate at slow rolling speed and continuing to push as the vehicle passes through until the gate swings completely open.

The Sure-Grip UTV Hand Control consists of a handle, attached to the steering wheel, with shafts running to the vehicle's accelerator and brake. To operate, the handle is eased back for acceleration and pushed forward for braking, which allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel for maximum safety and control.

The Gorilla Gripper Panel Gripping/Lifting Tool is an easier and safer way for one to lift and carry large, bulky sheets of material, reducing the chances both of dropping them and injuring fingers, hands, wrists, and back. When the handle is lifted, the two gripping plates press against both sides of the panel, holding it tight.