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February 2013


The Missouri AgrAbility Project launched a statewide AgrAbility project: a Client Demographic Database. Diana Hammonds, programmer analyst, MU Extension Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA), worked with AgrAbility to develop a database system that will allow staff members to collect, store, retrieve, and report on AgrAbility client demographic data. The user-friendly AgrAbility Project: Client Demographic Database not only has Missouri specific drop down menus, but also includes required national coding, and allows staff to input each client's demographic data in only a few minutes. The AgrAbility programmatic database can also collect, store, retrieve, and report on USDA-NIFA educating, networking, and marketing priorities, as needed. For additional information contact Karen Funkenbusch or Willard Downs at 1.800.995.8503.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy at MU is offering a Rural Pharmacy Practice Elective APPE throughout mid-Missouri. This rotation is in collaboration with the MU Extension AgrAbility Program and will assist with identifying AgrAbility clients, making appropriate client referrals, and setting up health seminars for clients. Senior level pharmacy students will participate in direct AgrAbility onsite client contacts and will lead a variety of health initiatives to advance the access to pharmaceutical care for rural Missourians.

AgrAbility staff members at MU Extension have been invited to present at three conferences sponsored by Lincoln University Extension. The target audience is adults 50 older, living and working in rural mid-Missouri, who have little or no experience in farming or vegetable growing. Scheduled dates for the conferences are March 19-29, May 15-16, and July 24-25. Additional information is forthcoming.

Missouri's senior level animal science and horticulture student completed her two-week internship with the Missouri AgrAbility Project. The AgrAbility intern assisted with developing "Farming With Low Vision" tip sheets, consulted with AgrAbility clients, entered information into the AgrAbility database, and traveled to northeast Missouri to participate in goat research with Dr. Charlotte-Clifford, a veterinarian and extension specialist from Lincoln University Small Ruminant Program. The AgrAbility intern was raised on a Missouri ranch, has had low vision since birth, and will graduate in August 2013 with an animal science degree from Northwest Missouri State University.

Jackie Allenbrand, AgrAbility outreach specialist, MERIL, reported the following AgrAbility activities:

MU Extension campus and regional co-coordinators facilitated AgrAbility USDA-NIFA funded education, network, assistance, and marketing activities by:

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