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February 2013

Toolbox Spotlight

The AyrMesh Outdoor Long Range WiFi and Video Monitoring System extends Internet connections for several miles and allows one to utilize a web-enabled device (e.g., smartphone, ipod, ipad, laptop, personal computer) to visually monitor livestock, land, equipment, and outbuildings at distances up to six miles away.

The EZ Oil Shuttle is a 12-inch-high, three-wheeled fluid-collecting cart that can be pushed under a piece of equipment for oil changes and other engine-maintenance jobs. The Shuttle features a sloped catch basin with mesh-screen filter over the opening and large pneumatic tires, which allow the device to be used outdoors on gravel and other uneven surfaces.

A farmer often needs to ball-hitch his vehicle to various types of trailing equipment or implements, each of which may require a different size ball. Changeable Ball Hitches come with three or four various size balls: the appropriate one is made available to attach the trailing equipment by simply rotating the hitch.

This Hand Operated Trailer Dolly, featuring 10-inch-diameter pneumatic tires, V-support, and T-bar handle, allows one to move trailers weighing up to 1000 pounds. It fits 1 7/8-inch and 2-inch ball couplers and is height-adjustable from 12 1/2 inches up to 21 5/8 inches.

Self Fusing Silicone X-Treme Tape bonds only to itself to create an air- and liquid-tight seal, but requires no adhesive, thus leaves no residue when removed. It can stretch , insulate, and withstand extreme heat.