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February 2013


AgrAbility of Wisconsin worked very closely with four students from the Bio Medical Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to provide a device for an AgrAbility client. She has rheumatoid arthritis that has created significant barriers for her to complete farm tasks and play the piano. Due to the severity of her arthritis, she had to have a below the knee amputation on her right foot, making it very difficult to use the damper foot pedal of the piano with her prosthetic. This student group developed a slide type system for the client to operate the damper pedal.

AgrAbility of Wisconsin is happy to announce an opening for an intern for the summer here in Wisconsin. The AgrAbility intern will assist with implementing AgrAbility USDA-NIFA education, network, assistance, and marketing activities, along with attending farm shows across the state. The position will be posted in mid-February with applications due in March.

AgrAbility of Wisconsin staffed a display at the La Crosse Farm Show in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The display featured small hand tools, a model of a John Deere tractor with a chair lift, publications, and the Wisconsin map of clients for the last 21 years.

Submitted by Vicki Janisch