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March 2013


Pharmacy students from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy at Columbia participated in the Health and Safety Area at the 52nd Annual Western Farm Show on Saturday, February 23. Diane S. Olson, director of promotion and education, Missouri Farm Bureau Federation,reported, "the AgrAbility information and health screenings they provided were a valuable asset to this year's exhibit. I was so impressed with the demeanor of the students. They were eager to engage attendees and assist those volunteering for screenings. The bone density scanner was a huge hit. Many attendees are interested in the information but don't want to invest in a medical diagnosis." The Western Farm Show is at the heart of agriculture as the Midwest's premier indoor farm show. There were over 500 exhibitors and 400,000 square feet filled with the latest in farm and ranch equipment, livestock supplies, buildings, fertilizer, feed, seed, tools, irrigation systems, and much more. The Family Living Center featured crafts, home improvement ideas, and all the supplies needed to make a house a home. The Health & Safety Roundup Area provided health screenings and safety ideas.

MU Extension AgrAbility staff members participated in an arthritis sustainability conference. The goal of the sustainability conference call is to discuss the Missouri Sustainability Toolkit and its application to physical activity and self-management programs in central Missouri.

MU Extension AgrAbility staff members and administrators from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy at MU met to map out the Rural Pharmacy Practice Elective APPE offered throughout Mid-Missouri. MU Extension AgrAbility staff will identify AgrAbility clients, make appropriate client referrals, and help set up client health seminars. Senior level students will participate in "PHARM to Farm" AgrAbility onsite farmstead client contacts and will lead a variety of health initiatives to advance the access to pharmaceutical care for rural Missourians.

Jackie Allenbrand did a presentation on AgrAbility, MERIL services, and PHARM Dog to the Andrew County Senior Center in Savannah, MO. Several older farmers or spouses attended the morning coffee at this particular location. On February 1, she attended a meeting dealing with hydroponics facilitated by Annette Weeks of Northwest Missouri Enterprise. A group of professors, MU Extension staff, business owners, IL staff, teachers, and others attended to discuss the lack of jobs for students transitioning out of high school into the work world. A discussion was held on how hydroponics may be a solution for providing jobs for youth with disabilities. The next meeting will be held March 1 to develop a board. She also attended a MERIL networking event for Dekalb & Clinton counties in NW Missouri. Service organizations attended to share their programming and Jackie demonstrated assistive devices to local health department staff after the networking event.

Submitted by Karen Funkenbusch