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March 2013


Consisting of vacuum pump (with pressure gauge), milk jars, inlet lids, teat cups, milking lines, and cleaning brushes, the Henry Goat Milking Kit is designed to make the milking job easy on both hands and back: the hands because milking is done via vacuum pump, and the back because one is not confined to a single position but can move around.

Intended for orchard, nursery, and landscaping use, the Tripod Orchard Ladders have three legs: two base legs and a third leg. The third leg is a sturdy pole tube, attached at the top, which pivots out on steel bushings and telescopes for flexibility.

Virtually eliminating the need to bend, the Perfect Garden Tool System is designed to reduce lower back pain, muscular and skeletal stress, and formation of blisters while making gardening tasks easier. The Perfect Garden Tool System consists of two ergonomic handles and seven interchangeable tool heads.

With CargoBuckle Retractable Ratchet Tie-Downs, various equipment and types of cargo can be secured safely on a trailer/wagon with minimal physical effort required. One merely hooks the straps at the desired fastening points then retracts them by ratcheting until tight.

Mounted to skid steer or track loaders with quick-attach plates, Inverted Log Splitters are designed to either split the logs on the ground or lift, transport, and split them into a trailer or wood pile, all while the operator remains in the cab.

Fitting any skid loader which has a quick-attach plate, the Kwik-Way Rotary Rock Roller will scoop up rocks from a field. Once loaded, the picker cage is then rotated, which knocks off the dirt, leaving the soil in place and the rocks cleaned to be deposited elsewhere.

With its unique gripping jaw and lever mechanism, the JackJaw Stake Extractor allows one to pull stakes, posts, and rods straight up out of the ground with less physical effort and not having to bend over or to pre-loosen.