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April 2013

National AgrAbility Project

President Obama has submitted his 2014 budget to Congress, and AgrAbillity was again included for $4.6 million. Until last year, AgrAbility had not been submitted in a President's budget, and the challenge has always been to find Congressional supporters and advocates to add it back in to the final budget passed by Congress and signed by the President. This year's budget is another significant milestone for AgrAbility. links to a PDF of the Department of Agriculture budget. See page 81 for "payments for the farm safety program and youth farm safety education and certification extension grants under section 3(d) of the Act, $4,610,000" (top of right column); and page 82 for "AgrAbility/Farm Safety (Farm Safety Program and Youth Farm Safety Education and Certification)" (top of right column). The latter section represents the first time that the term AgrAbility has been used in a Presidential budget.

Submitted by Paul Jones