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April 2013


The CanGun1 Spray Can Tool, a pistol grip device that snaps onto the collar of any standard aerosol spray can, is designed to reduce effort and pain in the application of the can's contents.

The 34-pound, gas-powered Ultra-Driver Portable Post Driver delivers 1,100 blows per minute at 1.5 foot-pounds of impact energy per cc of engine, sufficient to sink a metal post 3 feet into the ground in 40 seconds.

The Cut-and-Grab Lopper has a clamping jaw attached to the cutting blades that grabs and holds on to the pruned limb or branch, which allows one to more easily direct the fall of the branch away from the user then drop it where desired on the ground.

Featuring a protected cutting blade, the ergonomically designed Grape-Razor Vineyard Harvest Tool is designed to eliminate the possibility of cutting oneself when harvesting wine grapes.

The Select-Step Telescoping Stepladder is designed to address the common causes of ladder accidents: fatigue, overreaching, and instability. Adjustable on both sides, it can be used in multiple heights (up to 8 feet).

With its comfortable grip and its cam-action jaw mechanism to increase grip as torque is applied, the self-adjusting Power-Grip Hex Nut Wrench enables one with limited strength to loosen/tighten hex nuts without having to change wrenches or hands.

Art Linsenmeyer's Homemade Powered Wheelbarrow might be just the thing for one with limited mobility who needs to transport small loads around the farmstead. At age 74 and with arthritic knees, the Wymore, NE, market gardener uses an old 32-inch riding lawn mower with a 6-cubic-foot wheelbarrow tub that he mounted on a tricycle-style frame and attached to the mower.