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May 2013


The AyrMesh Outdoor Long Range WiFi and Video Monitoring System extends Internet connections for several miles and allows one to utilize a smartphone, iPad, or computer to visually monitor livestock, land, equipment, and outbuildings at distances up to six miles away. The basic system consists of hub, router, and camera.

The Cooling Station First Aid and Heat Stress Relief Trailer was designed to help control a person's body temperature and first aid needs when working under hot-weather conditions and in remote areas where little help is available. The cooling station has a 110- volt cooling/misting fan lowering on board temperatures by 30+ degrees under a shade canopy with seating.

Needing only 5 pounds of force, the Accessible Gate Latch can be opened with one's fist or elbow (or even boot toe, if on horseback) and does not require twisting the wrist or pinching or grasping anything. It consists of a push-down lever, guard rings, and a hole above the rings that allows a pin or lock to be inserted, making it stock-proof and self-latching.

The electric-powered Propel Sliding Door System automates large (up to 50 feet) single and bi-parting shop or shed doors, eliminating any open/close problems related to wind, size, weight, and harsh conditions. The unit, which can be user installed, consists of a drive system, floor track, and cinchers.

The Compac 90538 Wheel Dolly is designed to allow for the safe and easy dismounting/mounting and handling of tires on tractors and other large farm equipment. Its double-acting hydraulic system allows for controlled hands-free switching between lifting and lowering, with a top-point wheel connecting rod that keeps the wheel in balance.