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June 2013

Toolbox Spotlight

To eliminate the potential danger in dealing with pushy/aggressive goats at feeding time, King, NC, farmer David Carroll built a feeding trough that he fills outside his goat pasture, then rolls it under the bottom wire of the pasture fence. He nailed two vinyl gutters side-by-side onto a board with an axle and set of wheels.

Resembling a three-wheeled motorcycle, the 150-pound Golf Trike is a dual-battery-powered conveyance. Besides its use on the golf course, it can also serve as a mobility scooter around home or farmstead for such tasks as pulling a power mower, toting a small trailer, or transporting tools and material.

The OptiVisor Binocular Magnifier is designed for use by individuals with low vision. It reduces eye strain, allows three dimensional vision, and can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses. The prismatic lenses are bevel-edged and mounted in an interchangeable plastic frame.

The 1-ton ATV Boom-Lift Dump Trailer goes anywhere an ATV, a utility vehicle, or a compact tractor can go. The crank-operated boom lift hoists loads weighing up to 440 pounds from either side. The steel bed has a steep dump angle plus winch-assisted dumping action and no-tools-required side stabilizers.

Ten years later, Richville, NY farmer Linden Anson is still using an old, 18-inch-wide, galvanized metal trough elevator to feed ground corn to his beef cattle. He simply placed it on the ground and removed the chain. It's durable, plenty wide, won't rust, and easy to sweep out with a broom.

Designed to be more convenient and safer than makeshift car ramps or block, the MoJack Mower Lift provides a way to elevate the front end of most riding mowers and lawn tractors to allow for debris removal and maintenance tasks.