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July 2013


Utilizing GPS technology, the pocket-size BackTrack GPS Personal Location Finder stores up to three locations or starting spots. To return to any of the 'saved' locations, at the push of a button, the device displays simple distance and direction on its back-lit LCD (for viewing in darkness or low light).

With his bad back, it was difficult for Chuckey, TN, farmer James Blanenship to raise the combination tailgate-ramp on his utility trailer. So he installed a Homemade Tailgate Winch, consisting of a hand-cranked winch and cable pulley, welding a support at the site of the pulley to increase the strength of the trailer's side panel.

The TommyJohn Three Point and PTO Quick Hitch allows one to attach drawbar-mounted and three-point hitch-mounted implements and their power-take-off shafts without leaving the tractor seat or having to adapt the implements.

Featuring urethane cushions to absorb thrust shock and polyethylene bearings to increase tongue load, the Schuck Cushion Hitch is designed to cut down on operator strain/fatigue in pulling trailing implements with a pickup truck or utility vehicle, as well as reduce wear on the drive train.

The Truck-N-Van Fold-Up Rear Step allows for safe and easy access to the bed of a 2-ton truck, trailer, or wagon and the back of a van for one with limited strength or climbing ability. This durable, all-steel step, is simple to attach and folds up and out of the way when not in use.

The lightweight, portable Handybar Vehicle Support Handle is designed for persons who need extra support and leverage in getting in and out of their vehicles. The user simply inserts the tool into the car door pillar's U-shaped striker plate then grips the handle to push or steady oneself.