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August 2013

Other News

Smithsonian Seeks Farmers' Stories for New Exhibition

"No one knows how much agriculture has evolved and transformed over time better than America's farmers. That's why the Smithsonian National Museum of American History is seeking farmers' help in telling stories of the innovation and experiences of farming and ranching across the United States." Midwest Producer

Want a Job? Agriculture Industry Teeming With Them

"U.S. agriculture and food companies are struggling to attract enough workers, a problem the industry concedes is getting worse as innovation and growing demand for their products leads to the creation of thousands of new jobs." USA Today

Community Supported Agriculture: How Big Is Too Big?

"In recent years, the CSA model has been attracting thousands of new farmers and consumers. Farmers like CSAs because they get money to cover the costs of production at the beginning of the season. Consumers who buy in get to connect with local food producers, who provide them with fresh, and often novel, produce items. The price of a share varies significantly, but one 2011 study of CSAs in California's Central Valley found that they average about $25 per week." Nebraska NPR

US Soldiers Improve Afghan Farming Capabilities

"Despite sweltering heat, many Afghans in Helmand province can be found working in their fields during the day. During those hot days, district government officials are often working with U.S. soldiers from the Georgia Agricultural Development Team III to improve their agricultural and business knowledge." News

Backyard Chickens Dumped at Shelters When Hipsters Can't Cope, Critics Say

"Despite visions of quaint coops, happy birds and cheap eggs, the growing trend of raising backyard chickens in urban settings is backfiring, critics say, as disillusioned city dwellers dump unwanted fowl on animal shelters and sanctuaries." NBC News

Amending Soil in Organic Dairy Pastures

"Getting optimal milk production from cows in an organic pasture-based dairy system requires excellent soil health. Amending poor quality soils will result in economic rewards in terms of added milk production. Dr. Cindy Daley, of California State University, recently shared her experience with amending the dairy’s very poor soils as they transitioned to an organic system." Country Folks

'Produce Police' Aim to Keep Farmers Markets Local

"when the source of fruits and veggies at your “local” farmers market are not so clear, that’s when it’s time to call in a group of investigators -- "the produce police," if you will -- who must determine the sincerity of "Hoosier-grown" produce by actually visiting the farm. AgriNews