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August 2013


The Portable Fold-Down Greenhouse consists of 6-mil clear plastic attached to a galvanized steel frame (with anchor units) that can be opened during the day when temperatures rise and closed at night or with inclement weather.

Made of 12-guage steel with molded foam cushioning, the low-sling Batwing Ergonomic Creeper provides body support to prevent fatigue and injury when one is working under agricultural equipment and trucks.

There is a Kasco Air Pure Safety Helmet designed to provide respiratory protection when working in dusty conditions (the Apollo) and one designed for protection when spraying pesticides or herbicides (the PROF 88).

Made in Switzerland and available in two models, the Real Wheel Hoe is a hand-pushed, between-row cultivator that comes with a variety of tools, including hiller and stirrups.

The SpringZBack Support Brace is designed to prevent or help relieve lower back fatigue and strain that can be caused by constant bending or lifting with an adjustable, spring-loaded chest plate.

Providing the feel and load-handling characteristics of pneumatic (air-filled) tires, these solid, non-marking Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Tires are made of micro-cellular polyurethane foam, which is twice as strong as rubber.