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September 2013


A Mechanical Tree Transplanter is a tractor-pulled, one to four-row implement that's designed for planting seedling trees on terrain not too steep or rough for mechanized equipment. It usually consists of a rolling coulter, trencher, operator seat(s), and packing wheel for each row, all attached to a frame with a three-point hitch that utilizes the tractor's hydraulic lift unit.

Mounted on a Bobcat Toolcat base, the AgriProbe Soil Sampling Machine automates the task of collecting soil samples, with the operator remaining seated in the machine's climate-controlled, totally wireless cab.

Designed for fruit tree harvesting, thinning, and pruning, this between-row Orchard Hydraulic Work Platform consists of a trailer-mounted frame with a standing station on each side that goes up and down, in and out, independent of one another. Each station will rise from 2 feet up to 10 feet and extend out an additional 5 feet beyond the unit's 68-inch collapsed width.

The pneumatic-tired, high-deck, all-steel Little-Giant Cushion Load Platform Truck is designed to make transporting heavy, bulky, or fragile loads over rough, uneven surfaces safer and with less physical exertion. The truck's jumbo-size, axel-mounted, 4-ply load and swivel caster wheels absorb shock, reduce vibration, and will roll over most minor obstructions, while its high platform minimizes bending when loading/unloading.

The custom-built Outbounder All Terrian Six Wheel Power Chair has a top speed of 5 mph with a driving range of 6-14 miles on a single charge (depending on battery type and conditions) and makes 360-degree turns in a stationary position. Standard features include programmable joystick (left- or right-hand mounted) for navigation plus adjustable seat with tilt, recline, lumbar support, and head and armrests.