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October 2013


With his Homemade Movable Machinery Servicing Stairs, Dunkirk, IN, farmer Phillip Boggs is able to easily access his tractors' engines for routine maintenance. The wood-built unit, which he keeps in front of his farm shop, consists of three steps with handrails on both sides for safety and balance.

One way to protect the hands from accidental slashes, punctures, burns, chemical splashes, etc. is Cut-Resistant Gloves. They can vary greatly in terms of level of protection (and price), depending on their intended use, and material.

Compatible with most makes of extension ladders (aluminum/fiberglass/wood), the easy-to-attach, lightweight Basemate Ladder Stabilizer is designed to equalize uneven terrain with the tap of one's foot, reportedly grounding the ladder as firmly as if on a flat surface.

Affixed at the base of newly planted or small trees (or shrubs), Tree Watering Bags are designed to slowly leak water from release points on the underside to provide a constant source of moisture where needed most: the roots.

With either of the two Lift-Mates Box Lifting Tools, one can reportedly lift and carry cartons with less chance of back injury. The tools feature a series of small pins that grips and holds (without penetrating) the carton’s corrugated surface.

The one-handed, self-adjusting Grabbit Mat Mover clamps onto almost any thickness mat or carpet (up to 1 inch) so it can be pulled/pushed/lifted with reduced effort. The device's spring-loaded cam/grip locks its non-slip serrated teeth down on the edge of the mat to be moved.