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November 2013


With the four-wheeled Speedway Express Dump Wagon, small loads can be transported into/through tight places, either by hand-pulling or towing behind a utility vehicle, ATV, garden tractor, etc., then dumped by releasing a latch and lifting the handle.

Featuring 16" diameter pneumatic front wheels and 10" diameter pneumatic steering wheels, the tubular, steel framed Manual All-Terrain Pallet Truck can reportedly transport evenly distributed loads weighing up to 2,000 pounds over rough and uneven surfaces.

A pair of Forearm Lifting Straps will reportedly reduce by up to 66 percent the item's weight, because it is redirected from the arms and back to the legs. This helps reduce the chances of arm/back strain while promoting proper lifting techniques and body mechanics.

Requiring no electricity to operate or concrete/block/lumber pad to install, the Thermosink Energy-Free Livestock Waterer consists of insulated tanks that have been sunk vertically into the ground.

Portable and reusable, the non-electric Re-Heater Heat Pack, which contains sodium acetate, emits a moist heat that helps provide relief from stiff neck, backache, muscle soreness, hypothermia, and other situations.

These Acrylic Convex Safety Mirrors offer protection against intersection accidents at blind corners, between aisles, and at material-loading areas around the farmstead or elsewhere.

Finger-fitting Ring Knives are designed to cut twine, plastic strapping, pallet wrap, tape, cardboard, even light-gauge wire; to prune small branches; and to harvest various vegetable and fruit crops quickly and safely, while reducing the risk of repetitive-motion injury.