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December 2013

Other News

Make Your Purchases Count for the Brain Injury Association of Missouri

By using the link for your online purchases, personal and work-related, you generate revenue for the Brain Injury Association of Missouri. There are more than 550 stores, including Amazon, Office Max, Macy's, Bulk Office Supplies, and more. At no additional cost to you, your holiday shopping can make a difference for survivors of brain injury and their families. For business and personal purchases year-round, please add to your favorites on your smart phone or computer, and use this link for all online purchases at the 550 participating retailers.

PHARM Dog Update

Sue, Ken, and new PHARM Dog Dora, a recent placement.Toto rides on the back of Diana's four wheeler.PHARM has placed eight dogs from 2012-2013, including two in November.

On the top left is Sue and her new owners, Ken and Dora. Sue will help with their cow/calf operation.

To the right is Toto and his new owner Diana. She and her husband, John, will use him to help with their cow/calf operation. Toto makes fast friends.This was within the first hour of his placement. He loves the 4 wheeler!

Jim and Jen meet for the first time.Toto, Diana, and John got to know one another quickly.

On the bottom left is Jim being introduced to his new PHARM pup, Jen. Jen will come back in later for training to help Jim on the farm with his cattle. You can tell by Jim's smile he is glad to finally meet her!