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December 2013


The ICEtrekkers Shoe Traction System involves an assemblage of case-hardened-steel diamond beads strung on steel aircraft cables riveted to rubber slings, which slip over shoes or boots to provide traction when walking on snow or ice and when transitioning from icy surfaces to gravel, rock, or mud.

The Long-Handled Tool Leverage Booster attaches to most long-handled tools to increase lifting leverage, thus reducing the chance of wrist, arm, shoulder, or back injury to the user.

The Impacto Anti-Vibration Air Glove is designed to reduce the transmission of vibration energy to the hand, arms, and shoulders. This 'bubble bladder' conforms to the flex-lines of the palm and fingers, while the multiple air cells help prevent job-specific-tool impact and vibration hazards.

As it is rolled manually over pre-tilled soil, the lightweight Wheeled One-Row Vegetable Seeder opens up a row, spaces and drops the seeds at the proper depth, covers the seeds/fertilizer, and marks the next row all in one operation.

The Proform Ergonomic Paint Brush allows for more natural, forceful finger positions. Its control surfaces are textured to decrease the tendency for the fingers to slip, while the curved handle allows the bristles to be applied to the target area without having to over-extend or flex the wrist.

Made entirely of plastic, the Lamb and Kid Cradle is basically a two-handled sling that fit between the animal's front and rear legs, with a cutout toward the back so the naval can protrude through to prevent rupture.

The Stand 'n Plant Planter/Transplanter and Stand 'n Plant Seeder allow the user to plant transplants or seeds from a standing position. They both minimize moving parts to prevent clogging.