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January 2014


The ergonomically engineered, one-piece, heavy-duty Titan Big-Grip Poly Scoop has an extra large 'D' grip at the end of the handle to allow one to use both hands for pushing; and a second grip between blade and handle for additional lifting leverage. Stepping on the blade's molded-in foot pad can provide a further boost for scooping action.

A Hog Haven Portable Swine Building is a factory-manufactured confinement structure designed primarily for use by smaller or start-up hog operations. Features of these buildings include: all-steel construction; woven wire mesh flooring; fully insulated roof, walls, and rear panel; side and end panels that open for ventilation; portability; and alterable floor plans to meet specific needs and location challenges.

The rocker-shaped EZ Jack Tandem-Axle Trailer Jack is designed primarily for tire changing. The trailer operator simply places the device rocker side up immediately in front the good tire then drives onto it until the tire to be serviced has cleared the ground.

The Powered Wire Fence Stapler is designed to be a time and back-saving tool for the construction or repair of wire, mesh, chain-link fencing or other high-tensile-wire-fastening applications.

A Homemade Egg Mobile is basically a chicken coop on wheels. Generally, an egg mobile is relocated once a week or so, often to an area where livestock had pastured a couple weeks before, to feast on fly larvae around the dried droppings as well as on insects and seeds.

Installable on many tractor, sprayer, and combine brands/models, the GPS-linked, electric Retrofit Assisted Steering System is designed to help reduce skips, overlaps, fuel consumption, as well as operator fatigue.