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February 2014

Other News

Senate Passes Long-Stalled Farm Bill, With Clear Winners and Losers

"The long-stalled farm bill, which represents nearly $1 trillion in spending over the next 10 years and passed on a rare bipartisan vote, 68 to 32, produced clear winners and losers." NYTimes

The Ultimate UTV Evaluation

"For four days our team of 12 experienced riders put eight of the newest UTVs through their paces in the Successful Farming Ultimate UTV Evaluation. Each machine was run on trails through the flat fields, rolling rangeland, and narrow mountain pathways on Little Goose Ranch in Wyoming." February issue of Successful Farming

How Food Hubs Are Helping New Farmers Break Into Local Food

"Lots of consumers are smitten with local food, but they're not the only ones. The growing market is also providing an opportunity for less experienced farmers to expand their business and polish their craft. But they need help, and increasingly it's coming from food hubs, which can also serve as food processing and distribution centers." NPR

Connecting With a Peer Support Group in Your Community

"It takes time to adjust to using a wheelchair, no matter why you’re using one. Having a friend who has already rolled a mile in your shoes can help make the journey a little smoother. That’s why Wheel:Life encourages all of our readers to get involved in a peer support group in their local community." Wheel Life

Developing the Farm's Brand Is Important to Your Business

"'Your brand is reputational capital,' says Brett Oelke, agricultural business manager educator for the University of Minnesota and owner of Innovus Agra LLC. The question for producers, he says, is whether they are going to manage their farm brand or let it occur on its own." Ag Web

Photographer Captures the Daily Life of the Female Farmer

"For the past year, Guyler-Alaniz has photographed female farmers near her home in Urbandale. She's photographed a female rancher in Florida, a female dairy farmer in Wisconsin and been contacted by female farmers in Canada, South Africa and Mexico, all wanting to be part of FarmHer." Omaha World-Herald

Vertical Farms Sprouting All Over the World

"URBAN warehouses, derelict buildings and high-rises are the last places you'd expect to find the seeds of a green revolution. But from Singapore to Scranton, Pennsylvania, 'vertical farms' are promising a new, environmentally friendly way to feed the rapidly swelling populations of cities worldwide." NewScientist

Introducing Liftware

"Developed by a team of mechanical engineers led by Berkeley-trained Anupam Pathak, Ph.D, Liftware, an anti-tremor spoon to assist with eating, is designed to respond to the user's tremor movements and actively cancel them out." LiftLabs

Deaf Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman Handed out Free Hearing Aids Before Super Bowl

"Derrick Coleman, the first deaf offensive player in the NFL, spent time the day before the Super Bowl handing out hearing aids to 100 New Yorkers at Yankee Stadium. The event was a 'hearing mission' organized by Starkey Hearing Foundation." USA Today

Fierce Woman in a Wheelchair Stars in New Diesel Ad

"Diesel's working on a bit of a reboot, and they've just unveiled the first images from a new spring/summer ad campaign. One of the stars? Ultra-hip fashion blogger Jillian Mercado, who runs Manufactured1987 and happens to get around in a wheelchair. Yup, it's in the ads, too." Jezebel