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May 2014


The OAP staff was asked to present their Dayton VA Greenhouse PowerPoint to the Dayton Veterans Administration Hospital Administration and veterans focus group on April 21. The audience was made up of three administrators and eight wheelchair-bound veterans. After viewing the slides of the greenhouse design, attendees discussed the challenges, potential, and need for the greenhouse that was designed for use of individuals with limited use of their legs.

The VA Greenhouse Design is a senior engineering capstone project of the University of Dayton and was presented by the team of Nick Colarosa, Celeste Cooper, Eric Gruenbacher, and Tyler Roth. The team presented their project on April 25 as part of a two-day annual event at the University of Dayton's Innovation Center Capstone Design Symposium, which highlights the design work completed by graduating seniors. All four students were part of a Universal Design engineering class for first year engineering students who do an assistive technology project for Ohio AgrAbility as part of their class.

Submitted by Andy Bauer