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January 2015

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US Prof's Efforts to Empower Disabled Farmers Bear Fruit in 'Field'

People with disability need a caregiver, or so it is assumed. However, William E Field, a professor of agricultural engineering at Purdue University in the USA, begs to differ. He, along with his team, has developed technology and techniques for farmers with disability that give them freedom from dependency.
The New Indian Express

Wheelchair-accessible boat gives anglers freedom to fish

"Linsner is a 62-year-old U.S. Army veteran with a quick smile and lots of energy." "My undergraduate studies were in recreational therapy, and as I am a recipient of a traumatic brain injury (from a construction accident), I used settlement funds to build the vessel."

Speaker: Be conscious of choices on the farm

There are many things in life we can't change: the weather, our relatives, taxes, the past. For Chad Hymas, his past includes a misstep on his ranch that changed his life.
The Country Today