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March 2015

Other News

A special place for very special guests

"Through the generosity and ingenuity of several who prioritize seeing after the needs and dreams of those who have served their county honorably, four area disabled veterans were provided on Nov. 18, with an opportunity to do what so many take for granted in the fall of each year, but what for them had become only a memory."
The Daily Statesman

Sap Story: Farming Eases Return Home for Vets

"After their careers in the Marine Corps ended with a severe combat injury, Denise and Mark Beyers found a new life on the farm."

January Motivate and Dominate is the amazing Amberley Snyder

"Amberley was very accomplished in the rodeo arena before she had a devastating car accident that left her paralyzed from the waste down in 2010. Doctors told her she would never ride again.. but once a cowgirl always a cowgirl and she proved them very wrong."
On The Rodeo Road